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A Brief Introduction for Christians

Tamar Frankiel, PhD

5.5 x 8.5, 208 pp, Quality Paperback



An insightful exploration of  Jewish mysticism—written especially for Christians.        
Kabbalah is well known as the foundation of the Jewish mystical tradition, but few are aware that Kabbalah’s spiritual applications extend beyond Jewish life. In this accessible, intelligent guide, Tamar Frankiel, PhD, a leading teacher of Jewish mysticism, demystifies the intricate world of Kabbalah. You will find that the teachings of Kabbalah are not only for Jewish scholars—anyone can incorporate this enduring wisdom into everyday life if they have an open mind and a willing heart.
Unlike the faddish books that discuss Kabbalah as simply a “magical system,” this book discusses the evolution of Kabbalah from its origins in Judaism and gives Christian readers the vocabulary and tools to begin to understand this long-standing mystical tradition. It also explores the similarities and differences between Jewish and Christian mysticism, placing both in a larger and more comprehensive framework.
• Explore the kabbalistic Tree of Life to discover how God is expressed in the world around us.
• Examine your life and discover how it can be understood as part of an unfolding spiritual path.
• Travel through your personal and collective histories to find a more personal perspective on the principles of Kabbalah.
• ... and more
“A blessing for us all. Beautiful and clear, [it] explains the Tree of Life and tells us how to use it in our lives. With wisdom and insight, shows us how to become our true selves (the Divine image) and how to remember our purpose in life (to become mirrors of Divinity in the world).”
Rev. Peggy Hays, Episcopal priest
“By learning something about Kabbalah, Christians can deepen their insight into the highest teachings of their own tradition. The resonance between the two traditions is profound.”
Fr. Thomas Ryan, CSP, director, Paulist Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations
“Perfectly tailored.... Encourages us to use the teachings of Kabbalah to rewrite the human story, not in accordance with politics, but in attunement with spiritual reality. A must read.”
Connie Kaplan, DMin, author of The Invisible Garment and 
Dreams Are Letters from the Soul
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