The Jewish Approach to Repairing the World <I>(Tikkun Olam)</I>: A Brief Introduction for Christians

A book from Jewish Lights, SkyLight Paths’ sister imprint

With clear explanations of Jewish terms, practices & history, explores ideas touched by the tradition of tikkun olam. Also addresses parallels in the Christian tradition, helping you better understand how the fundamentals of Judaism inform Christianity.

Rabbi Elliot N. Dorff, PhD
with Reverend Cory Willson

5½ x 8½, 256 pp | 978-1-58023-349-1

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A window into the Jewish idea of responsibility to care for the world—written especially for Christians.

The concept of repairing the world (tikkun olam) is an integral part of Jewish life. It helps shape Jewish social and family relationships, and even mandates how Jews should speak to others. But why is it important for Christians to understand this Jewish approach to life? And what kind of impact can understanding this fundamental aspect of Judaism have on Christians seeking to develop a deeper understanding of their own faith?

With insight and wisdom, award-winning author Rabbi Elliot Dorff provides an accessible, honest and thorough exploration of this important Jewish concept. With easy-to-understand explanations of Jewish terms, practices and history, each chapter explores a different facet touched by the tradition of tikkun loam. Rabbi Dorff also addresses parallel themes and practices in the Christian tradition, helping you better understand the roots of Christianity and how the fundamentals of Judaism relate and reflect your own aspirations to repair the world.

  • Caring for the Poor
  • The Power of Words
  • The Ministry of Presence
  • Duties of Spouses to Each Other
  • Children’s Duties to Their Parents
  • Parent’s Duties to Their Children
  • The Traditional Jewish Vision of the Ideal World

“Demonstrates the value of putting Tikkun Olam into practice in our daily lives.”

Christian Librarian

“Offers a refreshing look at how to change our world.... A powerful tool for helping readers to understand their faith and to put their fundamental beliefs into positive action.... An excellent book for stimulating interfaith dialogue.”

Congregational Libraries Today

“Introduces the theory behind the idea of tikkun olam as well as how it is actualized through mitzvot and behaviors.”

Jewish Book World

“Well-written.... Provide[s] a real service.... Judicious.... Insightful words of counsel on how best to be in the service of others, especially those with whom we are in closest daily contact.”

Journal of Ecumenical Studies

“A useful ... book on human relationships.”

Publishers Weekly