Running—the Sacred Art

Running—The Sacred Art: Preparing to Practice

Dr. Warren A. Kay
Foreword by Kristin Armstrong

Helps turn your ordinary run into an extraordinary opportunity for spiritual growth. Whether you’ve logged thousands of miles or are new to the sport, you’ll find the guidance and inspiration you need in this unique book.


Renewal in the Wilderness

Renewal in the Wilderness: A Spiritual Guide to Connecting with God in the Natural World

John Lionberger

While exploring wilderness wisdom from several faith traditions, you will discover how the universal experience of being present in nature can lead to startling discoveries both about God and about yourself.


Fly-Fishing—The Sacred Art

Fly-Fishing—The Sacred Art: Casting a Fly as a Spiritual Practice

Rabbi Eric Eisenkramer and Rev. Michael Attas, MD
Foreword by Chris Wood, CEO, Trout Unlimited
Preface by Lori Simon, executive director, Casting for Recovery

In this unique exploration of fly-fishing as a spiritual practice, an Episcopal priest and a rabbi share what it can teach us about awe and wonder in the natural world, the benefits of solitude, the blessing of community and the search for the Divine.


Next to Godliness

Next to Godliness: Finding the Sacred in Housekeeping

Edited by Alice Peck

Through a beautiful, eclectic array of personal narratives, fiction and sacred texts, find new perspectives on ways to reach out for the Divine within simple acts like washing dishes and more daunting tasks like cleaning up the "messes" in our communities.


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