Crafts & Spirituality

Jewish Threads: A Hands-On Guide to Stitching Spiritual Intention into Jewish Fabric Crafts

Diana Drew with Robert Grayson

The Knitting Way: A Guide to Spiritual Self-Discovery

Linda Skolnik and Janice MacDaniels

The Quilting Path: A Guide to Spiritual Discovery through Fabric, Thread and Kabbalah

Louise Silk

Beading—The Creative Spirit: Finding Your Sacred Center through the Art of Beadwork

Rev. Wendy Ellsworth

Contemplative Crochet: A Hands-On Guide for Interlocking Faith & Craft

Cindy Crandall-Frazier
Foreword by Linda Skolnik

Creative Aging: Rethinking Retirement and Non-Retirement in a Changing World

Marjory Zoet Bankson

Includes 8 pages of full color!

The Painting Path: Embodying Spiritual Discovery through Yoga, Brush and Color

Linda Novick
Foreword by Richard Segalman

Releasing the Creative Spirit: Unleash the Creativity in Your Life

Dan Wakefield

Soul Fire: Accessing Your Creativity

Thomas Ryan, CSP

The Soulwork of Clay: A Hands-On Approach to Spirituality

Marjory Zoet Bankson
Photographs by Peter Bankson

Includes 16 full-color layouts!

The Scrapbooking Journey: A Hands-On Guide to Spiritual Discovery

Cory Richardson-Lauve
Foreword by Stacy Julian