Contemplative Crochet: A Hands-On Guide for Interlocking Faith & Craft

A joyful, imaginative book that will become your spiritual friend and teacher. Follow the journeys of the author and other crocheters to discover how they have used this craft to explore and strengthen their spiritual selves, and how you can do the same.

Cindy Crandall-Frazier
Foreword by Linda Skolnik

7 x 9, 208 pp | b/w photos | 978-1-59473-238-6

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With Hook in Hand, Enrich Your Spiritual Practice and Renew Your Awareness of the Connections of Creativity to Spirit

What can you learn about yourself through your crocheting? What deeper symbolism lies behind the loops and patterns that you create? How can this simple activity help you make your way down a spiritual path? Delve into these questions and more in this imaginative book that will become your spiritual friend, your teacher and your sanctuary. Follow the crochet journeys of the author and other crocheters to discover how they have used their crocheting to explore and strengthen their spiritual selves, and how you can do the same. In this joyful and engaging look at a time-honored craft, you will discover ways to:

  • Find a Sense of Fullness and Gratitude
  • Have More within a Structure of Less
  • Combine the Spiritual Practices of Meditation and Prayer
  • Create Tools for Intensifying Spiritual Practice
  • Find Your Spiritual Path with Crochet
  • Connect with Community through Crochet
  • Make Crochet Uniquely Yours
  • and much more

“Refreshing.... A well-written book on an inspirational and timely topic.... Would make a thoughtful gift for a crocheter, and a nice addition to one’s spiritual reading list.”

Catholic Library World

“A good starting point for groups and circles exploring spirituality, crafts, and creativity.... An ideal gift for a crafts person in your congregation.”

Congregational Libraries Today

“An extraordinary gift to the crochet community…. Teaches us how to tap the deep wellsprings of creativity and love with our crochet. You won’t be able to look at your yarn and hook in quite the same way after ingesting the rich contents of this book.”

Dora Ohrenstein, editor, Crochet Insider

“Elevate[s a] beloved craft to new heights.... Thoughtful.... Consistent and logical ... a joy and a resource for realizing the potential that the rhythm of the crochet hook has for broadening our spiritual dimension.... Thought-provoking ... invites contemplation.”

Crochet Queen

“Offbeat patterns.... Readers may just look at their stash and finished objects in a new light.”

Crochet Today

“Deepens and expands what crocheters have long known—that crochet is a meditative and soulful pursuit. Mindful, heartfelt and philosophically engaging, this book is a blessing and a gift.”

Noreen Crone-Findlay, author, Creative Crocheted Dolls: 50 Whimsical Designs

“Interesting [and] informative.... Get more out of your crochet projects ... and many lessons in life.”

Interweave Crochet

“One of the most important books ever written on evolving through handwork, the connection of the heart and our hands. Crocheting and the patterns are just the gravy on top.”

Pardis Amirshahi, editor, Living Crafts Magazine

“A gem.... Regardless of whether you do the projects, the gentle wisdom in this book instills beauty, peace and grace.”

Light of Consciousness

“Joyful and engaging ... will take you on a path deeper into your crocheting and your spiritual awareness.”

Living Crafts