What You Will See Inside a Hindu Temple:

Will satisfy kids' curiosity about what goes on in a Hindu temple attended by their friends, broadening awareness of other faiths at an important age when opinions and prejudices can first form.

Dr. Mahendra Jani and Dr. Vandana Jani
Photographs by Neirah Bhargava and Vijay Dave

8½ x 10½, 32 pp | Full-color photos | 978-1-59473-116-7

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A colorful, fun-to-read introduction that explains the ways and whys of Hindu faith and worship

What You Will See Inside… A new series of illustrated books designed to show children ages 6 and up the Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How of traditional houses of worship, liturgical celebrations, and rituals of different world faiths, empowering young people to respect and understand their own religious traditions—and those of their friends and neighbors.

Visual and vibrant, What You Will See Inside a Hindu Temple features many informative pictures and concise descriptions of what is happening, the objects used, the spiritual leaders and laypeople who have specific roles, and the spiritual intent of the believers.

Ideal for children as well as teachers, parents, librarians, clergy and lay leaders who want to demystify the celebrations and ceremonies of Hinduism throughout the year, as well as encourage understanding and tolerance among different faith traditions.

What You Will See Inside a Hindu Temple will: Satisfy kids’ curiosity about what goes on in a Hindu temple attended by their friends, broadening awareness of other faiths at an important age when opinions and prejudices can first form.

Provide Hindu children with a deeper understanding of the practices of their own religious tradition.

Give children the opportunity to ask questions, making them more active participants.

“Read this book! It supplies an excellent opportunity to learn about the Hindu religion.... Present[s] detailed and accurate information.... Bright, detailed photographs add to the ease of understanding.”

Children’s Literature

“For children of the age range for which the books are intended, there’s nothing else quite like these books.... Outstan..ding.. Succinct and colorful.”


“A well-written and very practical book.”

Dr. P. Jayaraman, PhD, executive director, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, USA, New York

“A detailed and straightforward look at Hinduism.... Photographs, helpful captions and mini glossaries ease the trip.”

Publishers Weekly

“An open invitation into the God-centered message of Hinduism and its practices. Reveals the Living God that dwells in the temple of our very own bodies, minds and souls. It will do wonders for fostering respect and communication among different religions!”

Rev. August Gold, founder of Sacred Center for Spiritual Living, and author of Where Does God Live? and Does God Hear My Prayer?

“Excellent.... Beautiful.... Richly illustrated.... A treasure-trove of basic concepts and definitions that anyone (not only children) can profitably read ... as a general introduction to Hinduism.... Clear, direct, and informative.”

Monastic Interreligious Dialogue

“A lovely and helpful book. Stepping into another universe of religious meaning and symbol without any prior orientation is like going on a wilderness canoe trip without a map and compass. If you’d like to go to a Hindu Temple—for real or even through the pages of a book—here is a reliable map to guide you.”

Fr. Thomas Ryan, CSP, director of the Paulist Office for Interfaith Relations, and author of The Sacred Art of Fasting: Preparing to Practice

“Informative.... Will be helpful in promoting understanding.”

Catholic Library World

“Informative ... promotes understanding and tolerance.”

National Church Library Association

“Informative [and] colourful.... Magnificent.... Eminently readable.... Wonderful.”

Montreal Anglican

“This superb description of Hindu faith and worship ... will be an excellent asset to schoolteachers and librarians. Suitable for children of all ages and an attractive read for young adults ... explain[s] the concept of many forms of gods, kirtan singing, rituals, celebrations, and festivals.”

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