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A Reciprocal Approach to Caregiving and Care Receiving in the Complexities of Aging, Illness or Disability

Marty Richards

6 x 9, 256 pp, Quality Paperback

Also Available in Hardcover


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Rebalancing the Roles in Caregiving So All Involved Are Supported
“When you care for someone who is dealing with the complexities of aging, illness, or disability, you share intense emotions and form deep bonds. You each have the opportunity to recognize what is most deeply human—and most deeply Divine—in the other. This sense of reciprocal sharing—between the caregiver, care receiver, and with others around you—is the essence of the dance in caresharing.”
from the Prelude
The word caregiver typically suggests someone doing all the giving for a frail, physically or mentally challenged, or aging person who is doing all the receiving. Marty Richards proposes a rebalanced approach of “caresharing.” From this perspective, the “cared for” and the “carer” share a deep sense of connection. Each has strengths and resources. Each can teach the other. Each can share in grief, hope, love and wisdom.
Richards shows you how to move from independent caregiving to interdependent caregiving by engaging the spiritual and emotional aspects of caring for a loved one. Whether you are a daughter or son, a husband or wife, a sibling, long-term partner or good friend, Caresharing offers a multilayered, reciprocal process that will help you keep your spirit—and your loved one’s spirit—alive in challenging times.
• Sharing Wisdom: What the Frail Teach the Well
• Sharing Roles: Reinventing Family Roles in Sharing Care
• Sharing “Soul to Soul”:  A Special Relationship with People with Dementia
• Sharing Grief: Dealing with the Little Losses and the Big Ones
• Sharing Forgiveness: A Key Spiritual Journey
• Sharing Hope and Heart: An Active Process One Step at a Time
“Opens up a world of possibilities of ways to ‘share’ the caring experience and provides a detailed path to support people on their own journey.”
Rev. Gwen Brandfass, chair, Forum on Religion, Spirituality and Aging
(a constituent group of the American Society on Aging)
“Presents a new, rebalanced vision of care.... Recognizes the importance of spiritual growth within this difficult dance, and offers clear, sensitive and common sense instruction for its specific steps.”
Aging Today
“Offers precious wisdom and comfort.... Points the way for caregiver and care receiver to learn, grow, heal and thrive amidst soul-searing challenges.”
Rabbi Dayle A. Friedman, director, Hiddur: The Center for Aging and Judaism, Reconstructionist Rabbinical College; author, Jewish Visions for Aging:
A Professional Guide for Fostering Wholeness
“Offers many questions that care partners may ask one another to help caresharing happenÖ. EnlighteningÖ. Teaches how to ask for help, and what to say when help is offered from family, friends, and community.”
Caregiverís Voice
“The perfect handbook for anyone called to give or receive care. Brims with wise counsel, inspiring stories, and practical resources. Offers a fresh and hopeful vision of mutual relationships to help us realize this graced togetherness.”
Kathleen Fischer, PhD, author, Winter Grace: Spirituality and Aging
“Provides numerous practical suggestions for forming a relationship of mutual love and respect.... A handy resource for any congregational library.”
Congregational Libraries Today
“A creative and vital new approach to caring. Provides an honest, down-to-earth approach to the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of the caregiver and the care receiver. A great blessing and benefit to all persons involved in caring relationships.”
Dr. Richard H. Gentzler, Jr., director, Center on Aging and Older Adult Ministries,
The United Methodist Church
“Refreshing ... provides families with a guide to caregiving as a meaningful and fulfilling experience.... Addresses many of the major issues families struggle with by offering useful insights and down-to-earth approaches.”
Family Caregiver Alliance Newsletter
“Nothing less than masterful. Richards’ concrete and profound perspective on hope and how hope affects caresharing is a wonderful addition to existing literature on caregiving and care receiving. Needs to be read by every caregiver and care receiver as well as their families and friends.”
Rev. Donald Koepke, director emeritus, California Lutheran Homes Center
for Spirituality and Aging
“Eminently practical, with dozens of suggestions and a helpful and manageable bibliography.... Sensitive and essential.”
Publishers Weekly
“Gently but thoroughly confronts the myth of independence. We are in this life together. A must read for all pastors and parish life directors.”
Rev. James P. Oberle, S.S., PhD, director, Holy Spirit Center, Anchorage, Alaska
“An inspiration to many of us in the field of Alzheimer’s care. Touches the spirit in all of us, teaches and inspires. Highly recommended.”
David Troxel, coauthor, The Best Friends Approach to Alzheimer’s Care
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