John & Charles Wesley: Selections from Their Writings and Hymns—Annotated & Explained

Excerpts from Charles and John Wesley, co-founders of Methodism, provide insight into the renewal of dynamic and vital Christianity and into the struggles and concerns of all who seek to be faithful participants in God's vision of love in every age.

Annotation by Paul W. Chilcote, PhD

5½ x 8½, 288 pp | 978-1-59473-309-3

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John and Charles Wesley provide a vision of God that beckons to anyone interested in a spiritual life.

John Wesley (1703–1791), Anglican priest, theologian and church reformer, and his brother Charles Wesley (1707–1788), one of the greatest hymn writers of all time, co-founded Methodism, a major movement of Christian renewal. Their vision of Christian discipleship included important spiritual practices that fueled the revival of the eighteenth-century Church of England. Their holistic theology/spirituality affords guidance for the contemporary spiritual seeker who yearns for greater meaning and purpose in life.

This unique presentation of the writings of these two inspiring brothers brings together some of the most essential material from their large corpus of work. While John articulated his vision of Christianity through many sermons, journals and theological treatises, Charles expressed his theology in lyrical form through some nine thousand hymns and devotional poems.

These excerpts from Charles and John Wesley, with probing facing-page commentary, will provide insight not only into the renewal of dynamic and vital Christianity, but into the struggles and concerns of all who seek to be faithful participants in God’s vision of love in every age.

“A welcome and accessible volume for scholars and practitioners of the Wesleyan traditions.... Ably provides a resource that integrates and contextualizes both brothers’ work in founding Methodism.”

Elaine A. Heath, president, Wesleyan Theological Society

“A much needed contribution to the church.... Brings new life to the works of John and Charles Wesley. Will be a much used resource for pastors and laity for years to come.”

Steven W. Manskar, director of Wesleyan leadership, General Board of Discipleship of The United Methodist Church

“The Christian world in general and the Wesleyan world in particular have needed a book like this.... Will be a means of grace for all who read it.”

Dr. Steve Harper, professor of spiritual formation and Wesley studies, Asbury Theological Seminary

“Broad … illuminating … helpful … gives a textured, dimensional portrayal of this vibrant pair…. A wonderful volume for newcomers and experienced readers alike.”

Lester Ruth, research professor of Christian worship, Duke Divinity School

“Provides unique and valuable insight into the essentials of the Methodism. This wonderful resource inspires greater faithfulness in witness, discipleship, and service in the Wesleyan spirit.”

Dr. Ulrike Schuler, professor of church history, Methodism and ecumenism, Reutlingen School of Theology

“A spiritual treasure! Here we find the richness and depth of [the Wesleys’] spirituality, and through their words experience the reality of God’s love in Jesus Christ.”

Henry H. Knight III, Donald and Pearl Wright Professor of Wesleyan Studies, Saint Paul School of Theology