Keeping Spiritual Balance as We Grow Older: More than 65 Creative Ways to Use Purpose, Prayer, and the Power of Spirit to Build a Meaningful Retirement

As we grow older and face new demands on our bodies, it's easy to focus on the physical and forget about the transformations in our spiritual selves. This book is brimming with creative, practical ideas to add purpose and spirit to a meaningful retirement.

Molly and Bernie Srode

8 x 8, 224 pp | 978-1-59473-042-9

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Your Guide to Exploration and Adventure in the Years Ahead

As we grow older and face new demands on our bodies—illnesses, limited mobility, loss of vision or hearing—it is easy to focus on only the changes to our physical bodies and forget about the transformations our spiritual selves are going through.

Keeping Spiritual Balance As We Grow Older will guide you through readings and practical exercises to reintroduce you to your spiritual side. Molly and Bernie Srode discuss how the power of spirit can help you overcome the obstacles of aging, add meaning to your everyday life, and attain both your material and spiritual goals regardless of your religious orientation.

With creative, practical advice, this book is brimming with ideas to add purpose and spirit in the building of your meaningful retirement.

Praise for Creating a Spiritual Retirement by Molly Srode

“A spiritual gem for retired persons. A hopeful, helpful guide…. If every retiree would take Molly Srode’s insights and suggestions to heart, we would have a lot more wisdom and happiness in this world.”

Joyce Rupp, author, The Cosmic Dance

“This is a powerful book…. A must-read for those wishing to enrich their ‘later years’ and a highly recommended book for all ages.”

Barbara Russell Chesser, PhD, coauthor, Chicken Soup for the Golden Soul

“There are many books available about the challenges of retirement but none quite like this one.”

Spirituality & Health

“This unusual ‘guidebook’ helps you deepen your relationship with the unseen but no less real presence of spirit in your life.”

Second Journey

“Today’s self-help literature is replete with all the medical and technological resources for living longer. Thankfully, Srode offers THE resource for living that longer life with meaning, purpose, and dignity.”

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