God Whispers: Stories of the Soul, Lessons of the Heart

A book from Jewish Lights, SkyLight Paths’ sister imprint

Find strength for life by opening your mind and soul to God's whispering voice. Eloquent stories from the lives of ordinary people finding God in the midst of difficulty and loss will inspire you to rediscover a world filled with wonder, joy and beauty.

Karyn D. Kedar

6 x 9, 176 pp | 978-1-58023-088-9

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Wonder, joy and beauty are not as far away as we might think—if only we open our minds and souls to the sound of God’s whispering voice.

So Karyn Kedar reminds us. By sharing significant moments in the lives of ordinary people, she helps us along the journey to spiritual awareness and understanding.

Drawing on her experience as a spiritual leader, Kedar’s gentle, revealing stories include that of a woman struggling to come to terms with her mother’s death at the hands of her father; a thirteen-year-old girl who finds hope within the uncertainty of her parents’ divorce; a realtor who entered for the hundredth time a house she was trying to sell—and suddenly saw the beauty of God’s creation in the way the sunlight struck the hardwood floors.

God Whispers teaches readers of all faiths and backgrounds that the joy and pain in our lives have meaning and purpose, and that by fully embracing life’s highs and lows, we can enrich our spiritual well-being. Kedar tells eloquent stories from the lives of ordinary people who, like all of us, must cope with difficulties such as divorce and reconciliation, illness, loss, conflict and forgiveness, loneliness and isolation.

God Whispers will inspire you to take a second look at everything around you, and to rediscover a world that can be filled with the wonders of creation. “The universe abounds with gifts,” Kedar writes. “Open your heart and receive them.”

“Poignant ... engaging.... Poses challenging questions destined to lead the sensitive and searching reader to find spiritual answers.”

Central Conference of American Rabbis Journal: A Reform Jewish Quarterly

“Creative and imaginative writing ... linked to Jewish sources and values.”

Jewish Book World

“A solid and reassuring illumination of life with the recognition of God in it.”


“Inspirational, personal and full of lasting images, this book awakens us to the extraordinary in every ordinary moment.”

Rabbi Debra Orenstein, editor of the Lifecycles series

“Beautiful ... draws us toward the sacredness in human moments.”

The Living Church

“This inspiring collection of stories ... will touch your heart and soul. It points us toward the spiritual that is present in everyday life.”

 —Marci Shimoff, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul and Chicken Soup for the Mother’s Soul

“Weaves together profound experiences from her own life to offer readers a glimpse into the sacredness of ordinary moments.”

 —Lawrence Kushner, author of Invisible Lines of Connection: Sacred Stories of the Ordinary and other books

“You can’t help but be drawn into the quest and drama of what it means to live fully, while maintaining a God-connection.”

;—Rabbi Shoni Labowitz, author of Miraculous Living

“Elegant, stirring, and soulful.... God may whisper, but these stories speak loud and clear.”

 —Rami M. Shapiro, author of Minyan: Ten Principles for Living Life with Integrity

God Whispers is a sanctuary for the soul ... as gentle and soothing as prayer.”

 —Beverly Beckham, Boston Herald columnist and author of A Gift of Time

“In this deeply moving book, Karyn Kedar teaches that all of life’s experiences are infused with spiritual meaning.”

Nan Fink Gefen, author of Stranger in the Midst: A Memoir of Spiritual Discovery