Meditation and Its Practices: A Definitive Guide to Techniques and Traditions of Meditation in              Yoga and Vedanta

Drawing on both classic and contemporary sources, this comprehensive sourcebook outlines the scientific, psychological, and spiritual elements of Yoga and Vedanta meditation, the results of which lead not to the seeker's dreams and visions but to the transformation of his or her character.

Swami Adiswarananda

6 x 9, 504 pp | 978-1-59473-105-1

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Techniques explained by the masters—for today’s spiritual seeker

Meditation is designed to give you direct access to the spiritual. Whether it’s through deep breathing during a busy day, listening to the quiet after turning off the car radio, chanting in prayer, or ten minutes of visualization exercises each morning, meditation takes many forms. But it is always a personal method of centering our spiritual self.

Meditation has long been practiced in the Jewish community as a powerful tool to transcend words, personality, and ego and to directly experience the divine. Inspiring yet practical, this introduction to meditation from a Jewish perspective approaches it in a new and illuminating way: As it is personally practiced by today’s most experienced Jewish meditators from around the world.

A “how to” guide for both beginning and experienced meditators, Meditation from the Heart of Judaism will help you start meditating or help you enhance your practice. Meditation is a Jewish spiritual resource for today that can benefit people of all faiths and backgrounds—and help us add spiritual energy to our lives. Contributors include:

“Fills a long-standing gap in the contemporary literature on meditation. It is a most helpful exposition of the Vedantic perspective on the inward-turning consciousness, which covers all the important and theoretical aspects of the meditative path.”

Georg Feuerstein, PhD, president, Yoga Research and Education Center

“This book is one of the finest works on meditation I've ever encountered. Deeply embedded in the Hindu tradition, it is thorough, eminently practical, inspiring, and effective. I highly recommend it.”

Brother Wayne Teasdale, author, Bede Griffiths: An Introduction to His Interspiritual Thought and A Monk in the World

“Presents meditation as a universal form of worship—the key to our true well-being and our highest fulfillment. Swami Adiswarananda's personal qualities of vigor, authority, and conviction will inspire readers to pursue the spiritual adventure of meditation with determination and joy.”

Kendra Crossen Burroughs, annotator, Bhagavad Gita: Annotated & Explained and Selections from the Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna: Annotated & Explained