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Secrets of Prayer

A Multifaith Guide to Creating Personal Prayer in Your Life

Nancy Corcoran, CSJ

6 x 9, 160 pp, Quality Paperback

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We Are All Learners,  Struggling to Pray
Prayer can be intimidating. The idea of speaking directly to God can leave you tongue-tied, not sure what words to use, how to begin or how to end. This compelling, multifaith guidebook offers you companionship and encouragement on the journey to a healthy prayer life. Unlocking six secrets about what prayer actually is, it invites you into the practices of prayer, meditation and contemplation, showing you that prayer doesn’t have to be perfect, it doesn’t need formulas and it doesn’t have to be planned.
Discover secrets that will expand your prayer life:
• There Are Multiple Ways of Experiencing the Holy
• Your Body Is a Source of Energy for Prayer
• Your Senses Are Vehicles of Prayer
• Diversity Nourishes Prayer
• Interconnectedness Gives Prayer Life
• To Learn about Prayer, You Need to Pray
“Takes a highly esoteric topic and makes it abundantly clear, inviting and universal.”
Catholic Library World
“Engagingly personal, honest and absorbing…. Demonstrates that prayer is not an isolated act but a comprehensive way of being in the world—that it should be as natural for us to say that someone is ‘in prayer’ as to say that she is ‘in love.’”
Carol Lee Flinders, PhD, author of Enduring Lives:
Portraits of Women
and Faith in Action
“Excellent.... Fascinating ... lift[s] up multiple ways of experiencing the Holy.... Filled with many helpful spiritual practices.”
Spirituality & Practice
“A must read for anyone seeking a liberated prayer life. Each chapter reminds us of the reality of God, the source and keeper of life.”
Christal M. Jackson, editor of Women of Color Pray:
Voices of Strength, Faith, Healing, Hope and Courage
“A whole new way of approaching a familiar topic … will be exciting especially for those coming from a Christian and Western background. Challenges us to explore different ways of praying.”
Rev. Walter Cuenin, Catholic chaplain, Brandeis University
“Gives prayer a good name.... Personal, practical, lively, and enlightening, involving all of the senses.”
“Gives prayer a good name. Personal, practical, lively and enlightening, involving all of the senses, [it’s] spiritual wisdom distilled for those who seek to practice the many ways of prayer.”
Mary E. Hunt, codirector of Women’s Alliance for Theology, Ethics and Ritual (WATER)
“Wise and wonderful…. Nancy Corcoran’s candor and humility shine through, and the ‘secrets’ she shares are profoundly and concretely useful.”
Grove Harris, Wiccan Priestess
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