Hospitality—The Sacred Art: Discovering the Hidden Spiritual Power of  Invitation and Welcome

A practical guide to cultivating the spiritual power of invitation and welcome in your life. Discover how the qualities of hospitality can deepen your self-understanding and help you build transforming and lasting relationships with others and with God.

Rev. Nanette Sawyer
Foreword by Rev. Dirk Ficca

5½ x 8½, 208 pp | 978-1-59473-228-7

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Learn how this ancient spiritual practice can transform your relationship with yourself, with others and with God.

“The practice of deep hospitality can help us step into a more vital, vibrant embrace of this great adventure we call life—which includes our relationship with God, however you might define God....  It is an invitation to walk through life with a liberating posture of receptivity, reverence, and generosity.”

—from the Introduction

We may think of hospitality as merely being polite to guests, but the ancients understood the profound potential hospitality holds for building and transforming lasting relationships—for binding families together, making strangers into friends, even turning enemies into neighbors.

This practical book provides you with the tools you need to cultivate the spiritual power of invitation and welcome in your life. Guided by Rev. Nanette Sawyer, you will discover the qualities of hospitality—receptivity, reverence, and generosity—and how these qualities can significantly deepen your self-understanding as well as your relationships with others and with God. Drawing from sacred texts and spiritual practitioners from all faiths, this book also addresses the major stumbling blocks that prevent you from becoming truly hospitable.

“Urges us to discover the power of invitation and welcome.... Reminds us of the spiritual growth that we and our communities will experience as we provide hospitality to others. Highly recommended for all church libraries.”

Congregational Libraries Today

“Insightful.... Will be a blessing to many people.”

Publishers Weekly


Read the Spirit

“A lovely book! This wise and wonderful guide is required reading for leaders of any congregation seeking to create a warm ambience of welcoming. Highly recommended.”

Dr. Ron Wolfson, author, The Spirituality of Welcoming: How to Transform Your Congregation into a Sacred Community

“Gently voiced and clear ... adds wonderful thoughtfulness and depth to the practices of a truly spiritual life.... Will help people navigate the complexity of life with love and welcome for [all] living things.”

Rev. Clare Butterfield, director, Faith in Place

“Turns your black-and-white understanding [of hospitality] into a spiritual practice that will transform you, your relationships, and your experience of God.... [Offers an] experience of awareness, acceptance and action that is both profoundly human and divine.”

Thomas Ryan, CSP, author, The Sacred Art of Fasting: Preparing to Practice

“A must-read.... Illustrates how simple gestures [of invitation and welcome] can transform us into spiritual adepts.”

Nancy Corcoran, CSJ, author, Secrets of Prayer: A Multifaith Guide to Creating Personal Prayer in Your Life

“This interfaith meditation on an essential spiritual discipline is written with a wonderfully deft touch.”

Tony Jones, national coordinator, Emergent Village; author, The New Christians