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Dance—The Sacred Art

The Joy of Movement as a Spiritual Practice

Cynthia Winton-Henry

5.5 x 8.5, 224 pp, Quality Paperback


Large Print edition also available from

Unlock the transformative power of movement as a life-changing spiritual practice.

“If you’re thinking ‘But I’m not a dancer’ or ‘I feel awkward,’ I hope to reassure you. You don’t need a special talent to move. You don’t need to be ‘graceful’ or especially coordinated. You don’t need a body that’s ‘in shape.’ Dancing helps us embrace all this humanity. Dance connects us to the holy of life.”

—from the Introduction

Seize the joy and healing power of dance! Drawing from her years of experience as a dance and movement teacher, and as cofounder of the international dance organization InterPlay, Cynthia Winton-Henry helps you overcome your embarrassment or anxiety and discover in dance a place of solace and restoration, as well as an energizing spiritual force. She taps into the spirit of dancing throughout history and in many world cultures to provide detailed exercises that will help you learn to trust your body and interpret its physical and spiritual intentions. For both newcomers and seasoned movers alike, she encourages you to embrace dance as a spiritual tool to:

• Celebrate your unique spirituality and get in touch with your emotions

• Unify your body and mind, and push your personal boundaries

• Work through trauma or crisis and restore spiritual well-being

• Deepen your relationships and strengthen your community

• Find spiritual direction

… and much more!

“The joy of movement leaps off the pages.... Sound theology, personal stories, and clear guidelines for dancing alone or in community … invaluable for all who wish to expand their understanding and experience of spiritual practice.”

Rev. Jane E. Vennard, author, Praying with Body and Soul and Embracing the World: Praying for Justice and Peace

“Shows us that the pathway to spirit starts deep in our bodies. Cynthia’s gift and her calling is to share play“A dose of joy, like dancing itself! As I read it, my toes started tapping and my shoulders kept the beat until I couldn’t sit still for another moment. Thank goodness it’s here!”

Carolyn North, dance healer; author, Ecstatic Relations

“[A] creative contribution to spiritual practice.... There is much in this volume to invite you to the sacred dance.”

Catholic Library World

“Opens for us a released and exciting blending of body and spirit.”

Flora Slosson Wuellner, minister, United Church of Christ; former adjunct faculty member, Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley

“For dancers and non-dancers alike.... Shows how sacred the art of movement is to deepening life’s experiences, healing the past, and entering into the wholeness of the present.”

Karen Josephson, PhD, president, Sacred Dance Guild

“A wonderful resource for leaders and participants of all beliefs, giving permission and specific activities to use movement as a spiritual practice.”

JoAnne Tucker, PhD, founding director, Avodah Dance Ensemble

“Invites us with ease, beauty and depth into the space where dance is as natural as breathing and essential as food…. A necessary companion.”

“Carr[ies] resonance that can enrich one’s abilities to lead a richer, more expansive life.”

New Age Retailer

“Shows us that the pathway to spirit starts deep in our bodies. Cynthia’s gift and her calling is to share playful tools of movement to light our way.”

Mark Metz, executive director, Conscious Dancer magazine

“Beautiful and timely…. With affirmation and artistry, Cynthia ‘lays out the welcome mat,’ weaving together simple but profound exercises and reflections validated by her own search for healing and joy. My whole being was engaged in her search for peace.”

Carla DeSola, director, Omega West Dance Company

“Captures the Spirit of the dance…. Gives clarity to the mind and connects the body’s purpose as it moves.”

Rev. Albirda Rose-Eberhardt, PhD, professor of dance, San Francisco State University School of Music and Dance

Cynthia Winton-Henry, co-founder of InterPlay (an international not-for-profit organization with locations in over fifty cities on five continents), teaches people to unlock the wisdom of the body through movement and creativity. She has served as an adjunct faculty member at Pacific School of Religion and the Sophia Center at Holy Names University, and is author of Chasing the Dance of Life: A Faith Journey and What the Body Wants.

About the Art of Spiritual Living Series

Because spirituality is much more than what you think—it’s what you do. Explaining little-known or misunderstood spiritual practices from around the world with clear instructions on how you can do it, too.

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