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Spiritual Adventures in the Snow

Skiing & Snowboarding as Renewal for Your Soul

Dr. Marcia McFee and Rev. Karen Foster
Foreword by Paul Arthur

5.5 x 8.5, 208 pp, Quality Paperback


Large Print edition also available from

Featured in USA TODAY

Turn your recreation in the snow into a spiritual high point!

“Activities that are exhilarating and fun are not usually thought of as spiritual. But to the contrary, such ventures may well point us to our most profound spiritual connections. For when we are able to come fully into the present moment, turn off the noise in our minds, feel our true essence as complete union of body-mind-spirit, we enter into a kind of ‘other worldly’ state of ecstasy that we can experience only as a spiritual dimension.”

from Chapter 1

Debunking the myth that your body has nothing to do with your spiritual life, avid winter sports enthusiasts Dr. Marcia McFee and Rev. Karen Foster demonstrate how spirituality is fed by play and challenge and how your snow-filled adventures can serve as a set of metaphors for seeing life’s ups and downs as part of a sacred rhythm.

Whether you have a need for speed or are drawn toward more lyrical motion, McFee and Foster offer poignant insights on how you can find your peak spiritual life in your favorite snow sport, no matter your skill level. Learn how to:

• Reduce stress and embrace your need for fun
• Achieve harmonious integration of mind, body, and spirit
• Trust your body’s inherent wisdom
• Appreciate the details in nature and everyday life
• Clear your head and persevere in difficult times
• Cultivate a sense of community

“Explains the phenomena of a lifestyle in snow … the tranquility and peacefulness, the exhilaration and treacherousness … [the] magical, spiritual connection that ties us to the mountains, the wonder that propels us through the snow and through our lives.”          

  —Kristin Krone, former Olympic skier

 “Explores [this] quixotic topic as [you] might descend a mountain, with variances in tempo and technique, with injections of humor and humility, with strength and subtlety in equal measure. A pleasant and worthwhile read.”

Rick Phipps, author, Skiing Zen: Searching for the Spirituality of Sport

 “Spiritual fun is what we should be about in our daily lives. Playing at the feet of God, as children of God, as created beings, is our heritage and our inheritance.  Hooray for Spiritual Adventures in the Snow!”

Susan Saint Sing, author, Spirituality of Sport: Balancing Body and Soul

“For readers of all faiths, this fine book makes explicit the importance of awe and wonder for the spiritual journey.”        

Dr. Edward T. Hastings, director, The Center for Sport, Spirituality and Character Development, Neumann College

 “Take[s] us to the mountains to show us in snow and with humor that a good faith, a get-out-of-doors spirituality, is the essence of ‘the good life.’”            

Leonard Sweet, Drew Theological School, George Fox University;

Dr. Marcia McFee, an avid skier, is a national speaker and consultant to churches on spirituality, arts, and worship.

Paul Arthur, a Junior Olympics coach and pioneer backcountry skier, was the first to ski Mt. Whitney in California as well as various couloirs and canyons of Mt. Tallac in California and Mt. Tom in the Sierra Nevada, California.

About the Art of Spiritual Living Series

Because spirituality is much more than what you think—it’s what you do. Explaining little-known or misunderstood spiritual practices from around the world with clear instructions on how you can do it, too.

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