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Laugh Your Way to Grace

Reclaiming the Spiritual Power of Humor

Rev. Susan Sparks
America’s only female stand-up comedian with a pulpit

6 x 9, 176 pp, Quality Paperback


Large Print edition also available from

Susan Sparks featured in O Magazine

A “Best Spiritual Book of the Year.”   —Spirituality & Practice

Laughter—the GPS System for the Soul

Laughter was honored by the ancients as a spiritual healing tool and celebrated by the world’s great religions. So why aren’t we laughing along the spiritual path today? What would happen if we did?

In this personal and funny look at humor as a spiritual practice, Rev. Susan Sparks—an ex-lawyer turned comedian and Baptist minister—presents a convincing case that the power of humor radiates far beyond punch lines. Laughter can help you:

• Remove the fearful mask of a God who doesn’t laugh

• Debunk the myths that you don’t deserve joy

• Find perspective when faced with adversity

• Exercise forgiveness for yourself and others

• Reclaim play as a spiritual practice

• Heal—emotionally, physically, and spiritually

• Keep your faith when God is silent

• Live with elegance, beauty, and generosity of spirit

Whatever your faith tradition—or if you have none at all—join this veteran of the punch line and the pulpit in reclaiming the forgotten humor legacy found in thousands of years of human spiritual history.

“As bracing as a tonic for its humor-laced pages ... blows in with a healthy gale of laughter, love of God and love of life.”

Huntsville Times (Huntsville, AL)

“A provocative case for adding leavening levity to sacred spaces where it might be sorely lacking.”

Publishers Weekly

“Like music, laughter is a universal language. And Susan Sparks speaks this language like no other. [This book] weaves humor and the sacred into one beautiful work of art. If you want to blast some fresh air into your spiritual life, then by all means read this book!”

Naomi Judd, multi-platinum country music artist; actress; author, Naomi’s Guide to Aging Gratefully and other books

“Thank God for Susan Sparks! By immersing ourselves in her honest insights, warm encouragement, and hysterical stories, we’re able to shatter the crust around our hearts that has kept us from fully experiencing the grace of life as God intended.”

Peter Wallace, host and producer, Day1; author, Living Loved: Knowing Jesus as the Lover of Your Soul

“Pure joy. Lively and lighthearted examples illustrate the connection between guffawing and God. A must-read if you want to laugh, learn, and lighten up your journey on your spiritual path.”

Allen Klein, author, The Courage to Laugh and The Healing Power of Humor

“The definitive book about how humor and laughter have everything to do with God. You will laugh out loud, and then it will move you to quiet contemplation and awe. It has done more for me than most of the theology books I’ve been forced to plow through. I’m still smiling ... and contemplating.”

Edward L. Beck, CP, author, God Underneath: Spiritual Memoirs of a Catholic Priest; ABC News religion contributor

“Helps us transcend to a higher and better place, no matter what our circumstances. A much needed balm for a world that often forgets how to laugh.”

Saranne Rothberg, CEO, The ComedyCures Foundation; host, ComedyCures LaughTalk Radio

“More than a delightfully written book; it is a Saturday afternoon conversation with a favorite friend at the neighborhood coffee shop. I hope that this is just the first installment in an ongoing Saturday afternoon conversation with a new favorite friend, Susan Sparks.”

Pam Durso, executive director, Baptist Women in Ministry

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