Finding Time for the Timeless: Spirituality in the Workweek

These real-life examples and refreshing stories of everyday spiritual practices people use to free themselves from the work and worry mindset of our culture will empower you to see how even your busiest workweek can include spiritual habits and routines.

John McQuiston II

5 x 6½, 208 pp | 978-1-59473-383-3

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Practice spirituality in a culture where work has become a religion.

This collection of real-life examples offers refreshing stories of everyday spiritual practices people use to free themselves from the work and worry mindset of our culture.

Drawing from the experiences of others, it shows you how you too can refocus and enrich your daily life with spiritual practice, including:

  • Finding a haven for inspiring reading at a coffeehouse
  • Singing during the morning commute to work
  • Prayerful walking at home and on business trips
  • Mindful eating and other deliberate experiences of God's goodness

Full of insight and inspiration, Finding Time for the Timeless will help empower you to see how even your busiest workweek can include spiritual habits and routine.

“The author’’s message regarding the power of positive acts based on strong faith and ethical thought is uplifting.”

Peter S. Willmott, director, FedEx Corporation

“A wealth of prayers and thoughts for everyone, regardless of tradition. I found it non-stop reading in one sitting.”

S. Shepherd Tate, past president, American Bar Association

“Finally, a book that has models of faith forged by fishing, walking, writing, singing ... even eating a fast food breakfast. If you’’re looking for ways to integrate your ’‘real life’’ and your ’‘prayer life,’’ [this] is the guidebook you’’ve been looking for.”

Ana Hernández, author, The Sacred Art of Chant: Preparing to Practice

“Eloquent’.... A precious gift that busy people ’... will likely want to carry around with them for inspiration.”

★Publishers Weekly starred review

“The holy is in the ordinary, the sacred is in the profane and we find the Creator of the universe in the mundane details of everyday life. John McQuiston does an admirable job of helping us to discover the joy of this reality in the knockabout world of work.”

Mitch Finley, author, Prayer for People Who Think Too Much: A Guide to Everyday, Anywhere Prayer from the World’’s Faith Traditions

“Reading this book is like taking deep breaths of clean, fresh air ’... illuminates the spiritual practices that can be incorporated into all of life’.... Will be savored.”

Presbyterians Today

“Prove[s] that a deeper spiritual dimension into daily life, even during the workweek, is possible through prayer, meditation, ritual and other forms of spiritual practice.”

Baker & Taylor’’s Spirit

“Reveals the truly unique nature of prayer.”

Whole Living magazine

Preface xi

Phillip: Wondering What Could Change 1
Jason: Wakefulness to God 3
Karen: Life as a Prayer 6
Joe: A Way of Living Every Day 8
Ana: Music as Prayer 12
Payne: Breathing into Spirit 15
Helen: Friendship as Prayer 18
Murray: Discovering What You're Looking For 21
Anna Mae: Finding Spiritual Strength 24
Mohammed Jamil: Unbroken Communication with God 26
Lisa: Deepening the Experience of Life 28
A Monday Morning in January 31
Dan: Connecting with Something Greater 34
Bhaskar: Prayer as a Constant in Life 36
Jennie: Opening Up the World 38
Ted: A Happy Routine 41
Alice: Walking toward God 45
Sam: Dogs, Fish, Stress, and Prayer 47
Rada: Reaching Out to Others 49
Bill: Starting the Day with Quiet 52
Margaret: A Daily Life of Service 56
Paul: The Character of a Life 58
Harriette: Attention That Is Joyfully Engaged 61
A Sunday Morning in March 63
Nabil: Creating a Patient Heart 66
Jim: The Gift of Talents 71
Herbert: Recognizing the Opportunity 74
Nastha: The Kingdom of Love on Earth 78
David: Help, Forgive Me, and Thank You 80
Katherine: The Spiritual Commute 86
Ray: Inspired by the Psalms 88
A Monday in June on a Train in France 90
Jack: Just Being a Friend 93
Elise: Beyond Time and Money 96
A July Morning in Maine 99
Harry: The Energetic Presence of God 103
Esther: A Pattern for Comfort and Support 106
A Sunday in September 108
Luke: Fast Food, Slow Contemplation 112
Rebecca: Wordless Prayer 114
Ben: Thankfulness as Healing Prayer 117
P.K.: Alone with God, Nature, and City 119
Andi: Perceiving the Cries of the World 122
Zach: Co-worker with God 127
Edgar: Offering Compassion 129
James: Reminders in the Real World 131
Charles: Making the Mundane into the Holy 133
A Monday Evening in December 135
A Note about Finding Time 139
Suggestions for Practice 142

Spiritual Practice of Reading 142
Spiritual Practice of Writing 145
Spiritual Practice of Prayer 146
Spiritual Practice of Meditation 148
Spiritual Practice of Physical Space 150
Spiritual Practice of Music 152
Spiritual Practice of Community 153

About the Reading List 158
A Reading List 163
Notes 175
About SkyLight Paths 182