Money and the Way of Wisdom: Insights from the Book of Proverbs

Powerful observations from the Book of Proverbs about life, justice and money, with informative historical context, will inform your financial choices even today as an individual, as a member of a community, and as a global citizen.

Timothy J. Sandoval, PhD

6 x 9, 192 pp | 978-1-59473-245-4

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Powerful observations from the Book of Proverbs about life and money can inform your financial choices even today.

These wise words are far more than one-dimensional pieces of folksy advice. Taken together, they form a coherent way of thinking about the world and the importance of committing to a life of wisdom.

Directly encounter the key texts from Proverbs, their historical setting, their structure and purpose. See the impact their profound teachings can have on your financial life today as an individual, as a member of a community, and as a global citizen. Topics include:

  • Kindness to the Poor and Vulnerable
  • The Rights of the Poor and Other Socially Vulnerable Groups
  • Justice in the Marketplace
  • Borrowing, Lending and Surety
  • Bribes and Gifts
  • Wealth’s Advantages
  • Wealth and Fundamental Equality

“Thoughtful [and] timely…. Sandoval’s presentation is practical, his style is accessible, and the substance of his argument is cogent and compelling. An important reference point in our continuing work on faith and money.”

Walter Brueggemann, professor emeritus, Columbia Theological Seminary; author, Prayers for a Privileged People and Praying the Psalms: Engaging Scripture and the Life of the Spirit

“A well-grounded, insightful study.... Applies biblical scholarship to our modern situation with insight.... Expresses the full wisdom of this biblical teaching.”

Congregational Libraries Today

“Guidance on how to spend [your] money in ethical ways ... beneficial.”


“Shows you how to navigate the world of money while honoring the deep wisdom found in the Bible’s divinely inspired self-help book, the Book of Proverbs. Enlightening and helpful, this is not just a book to read; it is a map to follow.”

Rabbi Rami Shapiro, author, Ethics of the Sages: Pirke Avot—Annotated & Explained

“Gives insight to the text and creates dialogue about the economic needs of today…. A prophetic voice for our country and a refreshing approach to the issues of social justice.”

Lauren Tyler Wright, author, Giving—The Sacred Art: Creating a Lifestyle of Generosity