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What Animals Can Teach Us about Spirituality

Inspiring Lessons from Wild and Tame Creatures

Diana L. Guerrero

6 x 9, 176 pp, Quality Paperback


Take a spiritual safari…
Do you want to deepen your spiritual connection? Do you want to strengthen your bond with animals? What Animals Can Teach Us about Spirituality   will help you unlock the secrets of the animal kingdom, provide intriguing perspectives on the complex relationships between nature and humans, and lead you to a greater awareness of yourself and the world around you.
Respected animal behaviorist and therapist Diana L. Guerrero demonstrates the ways in which animals can teach us about:
• Bringing Out the Best in Each Other
• Living in the Now
• Moving Beyond Fear
• Helping One Another
• Healing through Life Experiences
• Living by Example
• Embracing Change Positively
• Listening to the Unspoken
• Unconditional Acceptance
• Making Time to Play
• …and much more
With practical and meaningful advice, Guerrero will help you understand why animals touch the soul, and explore your own answer to the question: "Do animals have souls?"
"This book is a must for anyone who wants to know more about the inner workings of animals and to realize that they too are spiritual beings. For those of us who have pets, it’s an invaluable opportunity to communicate on a much deeper level."
Louise Hay, author of You Can Heal Your Life  and Empowering Women
"I loved this book, and am making sure every animal lover I know gets a copy. Guerrero combines her passion and expertise as an animal trainer and healer with a spiritual philosophy that will open a door into a world of magic, myth, and personal discovery. If you’ve ever experienced that special connection with the animal kingdom, then this book is a must-read. And if you haven’t, then this book is especially for you!"
Lee Edward Fodi, author and illustrator of Corranda’s Crown
"Fascinating and moving animal anecdotes are applied to seven levels of human spiritual development. This wise and valuable book reminds us that animals are the often-overlooked but very powerful guides to our own spirituality."
Cait Johnson, author of Earth, Water, Fire, and Air: Essential Ways of Connecting to Spirit
"Provides us with a heartfelt nexus connecting human spirituality and animal behavior in a new and soul-stirring way."
Dr. Larry Lachman, animal behavior consultant and author of Dogs on the Couch, Cats on the Counter, and Birds off the Perch
"My animal companions have been an indispensable part of my own spiritual and emotional journey. This book is a beautiful and inspiring guide to deepening your relationship with the animals you love and learning how to receive the lessons and gifts they are here to bring you."
Barbara De Angelis, Ph.D., author of Real Moments
Diana L. Guerrero has worked around the world with all varieties of wild and domestic creatures. She consults and lectures on animal behavior, unusual animal careers, and related topics. Since 1978 she has worked with the zoological community, with humane organizations, and in the pet industry. Guerrero publishes Ark Animals, an Internet magazine dedicated to wild and domestic animal behavior. Her writing has appeared in publications as varied as the Journal of the American Association of Zoo Keepers, Awareness Magazine, and Golden Lotus.
The author invites you to join her on a spiritual safari. Visit or to contact her and learn more.
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